Saturday, August 5, 2017

Why I still love three...

So none of the people in my house are currently in a relationship with each other. (More on that later when I have the mental and emotional fortitude to write it out.) However, we still all live together, still all parent together, and still all do the family stuff together. That includes taking care of each other when we are feeling less than. 

On Thursday, I had a dental appointment in which I had two fillings, and two extractions. I am normally completely fine with dental work and have no issues. This was different. I was in severe pain Thursday night, and they were completely understanding. But that's not the point of this. I had a horrible sleep Thursday and tried to get out of bed Friday morning for work, it took a good two hours and by the time I was up it was 8:15am. I got out of bed, stumbled to get dressed and walked down the hall to the living room, where I saw craftymama on the couch. She asked what was wrong, and I told her how horrible my night was, how I spent the night in the bathroom, didn't sleep - all that fun stuff. She told me I should just stay home. You'd think after 8 years I would listen to her, but I didn't. I drove to work, feeling awful, got to my desk and tried to work. My vision was blurry, I couldn't concentrate, and I felt so nauseous. I maybe got an hour of work in and then I just put my head down. I texted craftymama I wanted to be home, and she told me to come home. My work friends, were of course supportive (one even offered me her couch to nap on if I needed it). I drove home - stopping twice to be sick, and because I couldn't see straight. 

I got home, and pretty much flopped on my bed. Craftymama who is going through her own personal emotional hell kept all the kids away from me as best she could, and took over all parenting for me. She came into check on me several times, she asked if I needed anything, she took my temperature. She offered to go out and get me antibiotics for the suspected infection I was dealing with. She brought me two cold drinks, soup, and the drugs. J took on the role of making sure I drank sips of water, and read me stories. 

Glassman came home and asked for an update. He then proceeded to make dinner, and though it was my turn to do the dishes (I do them when Glassman cooks). He did them for me and let me roll around the bed. He dealt with chores, took the kids out after dinner so I had quiet time and was just amazing. I honestly cannot remember most of Friday, it's all a delusional blur full of vomit, sweat, and discomfort. 

I don't honestly know how families function with only two parents. Craftymama was able to go away for some #operationfixself and I was still able to rest and attempt to get better. We aren't in a romantic relationship, and they still allow me to be weak, and to take care of me. It's wonderful to know I have that. 

Frequently, I get frustrated at the fact that I do the adulting in the house. That role is mine, and I know that, but I guess we all have our roles here, and I need to do my best to recognize and appreciate all that they do for me, for the kids, for the house. I may do the adulting - but they keep me balanced, and I am thankful for that. 

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