Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"I just don't deal with the negativity. I can't get involved in that side of it. I don't understand it, and you can't let it take away from your life and what you are trying to do"

I want to start living like this.

I have realized in the last little while that I have surrounded myself with some very negative, yet very involved and personal, people. These people take it upon themselves to bring me down with their own values and opinions. Sometimes an apology can't make up for the words you have said to another human being. People don't deserve some of the nasty words that have been said about them, about me.

My life is in a transition time right now, we are venturing into new territory in our home and with that transition comes fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of making the wrong choices. It is to those people that I turn to for support, however, when they only come back with negative critiques the support goes out the window. I don't need everyone to agree with me, that would be a futile waste of my time. What I do need is the support and love of those I try to keep closest to me.

Perhaps it's time that I distance myself from the negativity, especially during this transitional time. Perhaps the relationships with them aren't worth the level of sadness I feel after speaking with them. I shouldn't walk away from an interaction with a loved one only to *always* feel bad about myself or my life.

I just don't understand the motives behind it. Why talk behind someone's back, why say cryptic things that you know will just upset someone else. There has to be some love and kindness in your negative words or they will never truly be heard. They will just serve to insult and hurt the very people you were, hopefully, trying to help in the first place.

I don't know how to distance myself, keep myself and my family safe from their hurtful words and thoughts. It's hard to leave a relationship, any relationship. It's hard to venture out on your own and become your own person without the support of those you love, even if they were the ones hurting you. I feel like it is draining and wearing on me heavily, and I don't think I can deal with it for much longer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So we took a trip over to Vancouver, a ferry boat away this past weekend for a family vacation. We stayed in the delta hotel in one of their suites. It was a great hotel! The kids ate free from the limited kids menu, which was a nice bonus, and everyone there was so friendly. The kids even got a welcome package of some toys when we checked in, and we all got homemade cookies - delicious.

First let me tell you about the ferry ride. It was brutal in a way. Our kids hated being on the outside decks, complained it was too cold, and they are too old for the play area. There is an arcade for older kids, which we took over on the ride back so the kids could pretend to drive the cars, but it is meant for kids older than ours are. So entertaining a 6,5,4 and 3 year old got to be difficult. We fed them snacks that we had brought, wandered around a lot. Craftymama took in the gorgeous views, and missed the ocean even more.

We unloaded and first went to stanley park. It's this great big park with numerous things to do. We ended up at second beach, as it had two playgrounds, a big open field, the ocean, and well, after driving for 15minutes looking for somewhere to go in the park we stumbled upon it. Parking was insane, both in cost and in method - but we figured it out. The kids had a great time playing on the fire truck, swinging on swings, and enjoying the ocean air. We were lucky, the rain held off and the sun poked its head out a bit warming the area a bit.

 Then we headed off to check into the hotel. As I said, we were greeted awesomely! We went up to out room, on the 14th floor, and it was amazing. A separate room with two double beds for the kids, and a pull out couch for Andrea and I. There were two tv's, which we made use of in the evening, and a small fridge to store the food we had brought from home. We went out for dinner at the hotel that night and then tucked the kids into bed.

The next morning we took the skytrain to Science World! The kids loved the skytrain so much, and our hotel was 2 blocks away from the station so it made getting there even easier. The cost was insane, about $110 for all of us and two were free, we hoped it would be worth it. We went to all the exhibits, and had a momentary melt down with LittleR wherein she had to be taken outside as she was screaming so loudly that she wanted to go home. The kids loved the water and ball area, as well as the large scale marble run. Also hits were the giant floor piano, the tree house, and the bubble show!

In a space ship

The screaming

Playing with the human body

Trying to grab an apple

We headed back to the skytrain and road it around past our station as the kids loved it so much. M actually fell asleep on the train, and K looked bored and like she had been riding it for years - but they all claim it as one of the highlights from the trip.

We went back to the hotel, had snack, and let the kids play while Craftymama and I recovered from that experience. Then it was off to a local yarn store! So exciting for us, but not for the kids. I would like to point out here that we did not piss anyone off driving in vancouver - no one honked, no one tailgated and all was well. Go us!

That evening we gave the kids baths, which they were quite excited about as it was a new bathtub, and tucked them into bed. Craftymama and I unwound that evening and tried to get a decent nights sleep on that pullout couch to no avail.

The next morning was checkout time, so we packed all of our things, and headed off to the giant library that was 3 blocks from the hotel. We found great parking right across the street, grabbed some coffee from Starbucks, and headed in. It was so big and so overwhelming. The kids section is an entire floor. You could probably fit the Duncan library into half of the kids section! The coloured, played with trains, read a few stories and then we were back off to the ferry for home.

M playing with the trains at the library

It was a great trip, and one that will be remembered for many reasons. The kids had a blast and hopefully created some memories that will last them a while if not a lifetime.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pink Eye

Pink Eye ...our kids had it, and K was sent home from school because they suspected she *might* have it.

Really what's the big deal? The biggest deal seems to be that it's contagious, but why keep kids home from school and have a giant freak out about it. Chicken Pox is even becoming more popular - that is exposing your children, usually around age 5 or 6, to chicken pox so as to build up a natural immunity. There are also flu parties to pass on the current strain of flu to build up a natural immunity.

So what's the big deal about pink eye. All it really is is a pink eye, and eye drippings that crust over during the night. Wipe the crusties away and kids are good to go for the day.

I try to respect other parents' right to parent, and in this I respect them as well. Some parents don't want their kids exposed to pink eye, but it's contagious before any symptoms appear, its contagious even after symptoms disappear. It seems to be one of those things that if a kid is going to get it, they are going to get it. This is a perfect opportunity to teach kids about proper hand washing and bathroom etiquette, rather than simply keeping them home for 3-4 days.

When there is lice going around the school - yes kids with lice stay home, as those are actual bugs and not simply an infection, but often times parents whose kids are kept home as well for the *just in case* factor. They don't want to risk a child getting lice - more power to them, I might do the same (actually I didn't, lice went around our school, my kids went, and didn't get it!), but shouldn't, then, those same parents who are worried about pink eye consider keeping their kids home from school. I am not implying that they should be required to do so, but why isn't it a consideration. Why is it just my kids who are sent home?

K, for example, likes the attention a sickness can bring. R and M had pink eye for sure - but K was questionable - so we sent her to school. She told her teachers about her brothers, and said it felt like there was "sand in her eye" (the normal sleep crusties maybe?), and so was sent home on suspicion of pink eye.

I don't know. I don't get it. Neither does craftymama, and neither do numerous of our friends. I wouldn't wish a sickness or infection on anyone, but I am not about to get paranoid or worried over a common childhood infection.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Kids and Family

M drew his first people. Notice the heads, the body, the legs, and the many fingers! I'm actually confused because they don't normally draw fingers until their 6th year, which is one of the Grade 1 readiness assessment things they look at. Heck, R doesn't even draw fingers regularly yet. His grade 1 readiness is coming up fast, and we are concerned he won't be ready. I don't want to push him ahead if he lacks the confidence to do so, but at the same time we don't want M and R in the same kindergarten - which is what would happen.

K has entered back into the world of Drama Queen (did she ever really leave?). She had been moody, showing tons of attitude and all around being kind of b*tchy to everyone. It's impossible to deal with.

There are a few articles going around social media sites about putting down your phone and actually parenting. This one is the most popular, but this one on modelling behaviour, and rushing children to do things, as well as this one about raising children who will be leaders, and not simply "good listeners" are also really good. Craftymama has been reading a lot of blogs lately about how to change our parenting techniques so our house isn't as loud, and so the kids are happier. We are already putting some of the things into practice - like speaking in pictures, putting down our phones, and treating our kids with more respect and while there hasn't been much change in them, there certainly is a different feeling in us.

Change is good.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life continues with paint

The drywall is done, the mud is up and sanded and we are ready for paint. 

Craftymama doing something with corner something and mudding, 

Glassman drilling the electrical box in that Craftymama moved all on her own. 

These are the  colours we have narrowed it down to: a grey, yellow, green, or mauve. 

The yellow is out, and the green is all but out. But the mauve and grey are tied. The grey is an easy colour to have decor for, it is more of a neutral but will darken the room. The mauve is a harder colour to decorate to, but will definitely give the room a personality right off the bat. It's a hard decision. We had hoped to paint this weekend, but with the lack of colour choice it's going to have to wait. 

While they do the construction work the boys hang out with Cableman and have a picnic at the beach! 

I got to spend a night at my sisters house and get many baby snuggles for C. I even got to wrap him and he fell asleep on me! It felt good to wrap a baby again!