Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We are struggling to find a household balance - the 3 of us. Putting aside the fact that the kids are now on summer vacation (OMG POOR CRAFTYMAMA), there have also been issues of people pulling their weight and I think we are all feeling it in different ways.

I know Glassman in the past has said he was tired of doing the dinner dishes all the time, and Craftymama said he doesn't do half of them anyways. Craftymama feeling like she is doing the majority of the cleaning, and she is right - and me, well I'm stuck in a learning place. Before I used to get extremely overwhelmed and angry at the cleaning things and felt like I needed to do them all. Then I was reaffirmed that I didn't that others were there, and that things didn't need to be so clean. So I slacked off a bit, but maybe it was too much. I'm trying to find the proper balance between not doing enough enough and doing it all. I feel awful that I'm failing right now....

It's almost Little R's and craftymamas' birthday. I had a great gift idea for craftymama but that fell through twice :( lol and no ideas as usual for the child. I'm not too goo with gifts.

Craftymama painted the upstairs hallway - its nearing completion. Its exciting, I think. I'm waiting for an emotion to come out in terms of how I feel about the house.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Roman!

R turned 6 today!

Oh he is such a sweetheart of a kid. He was giggling, and smiling, and so happy with absolutely everything. He loved making and painting the clay, and loved his flag cakes. It was a glorious family day - at least in my mind, hopefully this is a birthday he will remember - its these ages that they start to remember them.

K kept asking why I didnt get him a present; awkward. But, K is like that. I just skirted the question. The day isnt about presents - the day is about being present. And I partly was, as much as I felt I could handle without being overwhelmed myself.

So another year older, another birthday crazy how big they get!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's R's birthday tomorrow! He has decided he isn't going to be six. He is going to stay five but just get taller tomorrow. He's a cute kid. Craftymama made a bunch of mini cakes that have flag designs in icing - he is quite into his atlas. She also has spent like the last 3 weeks handcrafting him a waldorf inspired doll with clothes - it looks quite awesome. I realized that I am the only one who didnt get him anything - and that makes me feel like an awful parent. Even Glassman got him something.

I love the way we do birthdays - simple, family orientated - but I can't get on board with gifts, and maybe that's just how its going to be - no one gets gifts from me. Though I realized that when glassman and I were together and we would get a gift for someone, or I would make something for someone mutual then it was always from the both of us - even if he had nothing to do with the actual crafting or procurring of it. I wondered why that was, and why it's not that way anymore. Perhaps because Craftymama sees the boys as so firmly her boys that doing that would just seem weird, and glassman and I doing that now would just seem very relationshippy, I dont know - stupid holidays and my constantly overthinking them.

Regardless, it shall be a fun day of clay making/painting, playing, presents, dinner, and cake. And then we will do it all again in less than three weeks for LittleR....