Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dating Outside the Group

Thus far most dating and what not has occured within the group. Glassman started dating Craftymama, I started dating Craftymama, I started dating Cableman, Craftymama and Cableman started dating again, and just recently Glassman and I are trying to date to get some of our spark back.

Yesterday, Cableman left for a night away in another oceanside town with a girlfriend of his. We will call her Meetupgirl. Craftymama and I know Meetupgirl from our mom's group that we used to organize - but that's not how the two met. Cableman is the first of us to date outside our group.

Its strangely relieving for me. I feel a sense of relief or like pressure has been lifted because any of his NRE needs can be met by Meetupgirl, rather than myself. He is super cute when talking to her too.

It's also got me thinking about how I would feel if those I have a stronger bond to began dating outside the group. If Glassman found someone and decided to date outside of us, I think I would feel incredibly happy. It's rare for him to open his heart up like that to people, so I would feel overwhelming joy for him in experiencing that. I, of course, would want to hear all details of their dates :), but I'm nosy like that.

I think I would also feel less stressed or nervous if it were myself dating outside the group. I am a huge flirt by nature, and I enjoy interacting with and meeting new people. It would also be quite refreshing, for lack of a better word, to start a new relationship. I know it would be with another guy, because I can't fathom a relationship with another girl - so it would be interesting to feel wooed again.

I would have the hardest time, I think, if it were Craftymama dating outside the group. I have the hardest time sharing her, because I have the hardest time being away from her. I can feel a pull in my gut saying I should be with her, so her dating someone else would take her out of the house more, and I would feel that feeling more.

It's an interesting concept for me to explore. With a poly relationship this type of situation could easily happen. We are free to be open with our feelings and our wants and needs. I don't forsee any of the above happening any time soon, but it may - so it's something to think about.