Thursday, January 26, 2012

It continues

I applied for a job at London Drugs not too long ago and was totally confident I'd get it - I didn't. It paid twice as much as this job does and there is a location in Duncan. I was super stoked to potentially be working so close to home. I'd get to see the kids more - it would have been awesome all around.

I am still working at Malaspina Herbs, and my commission has increased (from .75% to 3%) so it's quite a jump. Quite well appreciated on my end. We have a small debt ($750) to pay off, and I'll use my commission for that - but once it's paid off the extra income will be well worthwhile


More renos of course!

On the agenda are:
- Kitchen floors ($250 for the ones we like)
- Kitchen back splash ($250)
- Kitchen Counters ($$??)
- Over the stove range/hood ($$??)
- Kitchen wall paint ($50)
- Bathroom re-plumping ($$??)
- new tub ($400)
- new vanity ($$??)
- Bathroom walls paint ($75)
- Landscaping ($400)
- Paint for the whole house ($200)
- Some sort of non single pane windows for the whole house ($2000 I think)
- Taking out the bathroom/wall in girls' room ($$??)
- Refinishing all floors ($$??)
- Electrical work (updating board, putting anchor in house)

That list is so not exhaustive. But..its still a lot. Doesn't seem to unmanageable, and I have no doubt that we will be able to pull it all off. Eventually. We will be there for years to come so it's not like a huge rush, I just know there are others in the home who are impatient.

Craftymama and I have been continuing to go through some rough patches - we are both emotionally vulnerable for very similar and very different reasons. It's very trying at times. She is also becoming increasingly insecure about Glassman and my relationship. Having known each other for so long, and always having a bit of a weird relationship - I'm sure it can be intimidating. We make great friends, and I am happy to consider him one of my friends - but I don't think about him romantically. It was so freeing when I released him as a partner and embraced him as a friend. I recognize that Craftymama can't see that change, so I hope one day she trusts me enough to believe me.

Glassman continues his want to be a police officer which would take him away to Vancouver 4 days a week. This would be a nice change for Craftymama and I. (Though I may need to change his name to Legaldad or something ha ha ha). It would give Craftymama and I some relationship time together - we are hard pressed for alone time between the kids and always having a room mate home.

Things on the HWB front have calmed. She is still crazy but mostly keeps the crazy to trying to get her kid back, whom Cableman has all but forgotten about these days it seems. It's wonderful to partially close that baby-mama-daddy drama chapter of our lives. The story will never end completely, but it's not the forefront anymore.

Life keeps plugging along in our backwards kind of life. But its working, and the kinks are slowly but surely being figured out.