Monday, April 30, 2012

The Struggle with Words

I would love to write here more. I started a blog in hopes of recording events in our lives. Actually - I originally started this blog as a poly blog, but as life transformed so too did this place.

So now I am left in a grey place. How to write about normal mundane daily activities in a way that will refresh my memory in years to come, and maybe be of interest to anyone else who stumbles across my blog.

So without further ado, here is my first crack at it!

I attended my first kids birthday party yesterday. Well, first since becoming a working parent, and since life completely exploded a couple of years back. It was weird. It was weird interacting with moms again. I found I was much more at home with the kids - I even juggled for them much to their amazement (for the record those little bags of carrots make the perfect juggling balls, little gravel rocks do not).

K's good friend from school was the birthday boy, and his sister happens to be R's best friend so he got to go too! We rode on a train, played at the park for hours - oh to be a kid again and to be able to play on those structures for so long. We had cake, and sang, and it was just a chill time. And then we went home - and dealt with the sugar and excitement crash that inevitably follows any birthday party. However, there were no goody bags to fight over so that was a small blessing.

LittleR is have her occupational therapy appointment in a few weeks and to say I am nervous is an understatement. You always want your kids to be perfect, and if not perfect you certainly hope there is nothing actually wrong with them. I know in the end it will be okay, but it is the not knowing that has killed me for nearly three years.

M starts preschool in the fall. He is all registered and accepted. I remember when M was born - and I find it so impossible to believe that he is going into school. This one is even harder than K was. When K went to school I was excited for her. I was sad at the growing up of course, but I was so excited as I felt school would appeal to her sociable nature. With M, I can't describe what my worry is. Maybe because he still seems so little - speech wise and physical ability wise. Or maybe it's because with M entering school we are one step closer to having them all in school - and then they will only get bigger, and bigger and we will see less and less of them.