Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Process

So we continue our process of renovating our house. Glassman and Craftymama took out a wall in the bathroom, and took out the old toilet and then we spent the next 8 hours installing the new one and building a wall. It was a long process but we have a new wall and a toilet and we did it all ourselves. Its not perfect, but it's gonna work. A full bathroom reno is in the future as well.

I'm impressed with the rate of progress. Craftymama wants to go faster, and Glassman - well I'm not sure he cares either way, but that's part of his personality.

Owning and renovating your own house is fun and stressful and a lot of work. But in the end, it will be worth it.

I have also been getting myself more informed or knowledgeable of the LGBT community. I joined a group on facebook, and have been reading and what not. I guess before I never felt like I fit into that crowd, but I'm realizing that both to myself and to others - I am currently in a lesbian relationship, and thus I do fit in, and should know what's going on.

I didn't realize how many people were still homophobic. I find myself angered at the things that are still unequal, and angered at how different it still is. I don't know. I am both excited and nervous about displaying my true colours, not that it really changes who I am, but maybe by completely embracing it I will feel more comfortable with it.

This entry was all over the place. is what it is.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Go Team...?

So..we bought an old house. Craftymama fell in love with the oldness of it and getting to reno it, I fell in love with it being so different than most houses and Glassman is just along for the ride. Problem with an old house is that they need, usually, a lot of work and an owner who has both time and money to deal with it.

Time AND money..I don't feel I have one of those things, let alone both of those things.

But Craftymama and Glassman they like to tear shit down, and just get 'er done. To my surprise, I am quite hesitant to do that kind of stuff - especially right after the move, right before Christmas. I think my hesitation is annoying to them.

They want to rip up floors replace toilets, take out dishwashers and closet doors, paint all the things, and Glassman wants to put a new heater core in his car at the same time so I stop bitching about the heat in the mornings on the way to work.

Me, I like slow and steady. I like being prepared. Who knows what we're going to discover when we rip things apart. For example:

1) We took up the lino on the stairs the day after we moved in. Nothing major revealed. Just nice wood floors that need paint. Thats a slight risk. Craftymama and I did this by ourselves. Glassman did come in and nail down all the left over nails.

2) We put a door back on the on back porch. no risk. Craftymama and I did this one. No men required!

3) Craftymama is painting all the things. Moderate risk, but only insomuch as the kids can be occupied. There really isn't extra cost to this which is nice.

4) Removal of island. slight risk. We didn't know how we would function without that counter space or what was under that floor.

5) Change toilets to get in on the duncan toilet rebate program. moderate-high risk. We have now gotten ourselves into a corner with this one. We need a 10" rough in but none of the toilets out there that are 10" meet the duncan requirements. So we need to take out a little 1" wall that extends out right behind the toilet. Then we can get a 12" rough in toilet. I broke the laminate, and there is water damage behind there. In theory drywall isn't hard...but's much more of a task then simply changing out a toilet. Craftymama and Glassman are vibrating with excitement over getting to demolish a wall. I'll be sure to take pictures.

6) Removal of dishwasher. moderate risk. I am also positive there is water damage under the floor - and I don't wanna deal with that shit yet. But the kids keep touching buttons and it is quite the eye sore.

Reno's are stressful yo!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Us3 - redux

So we moved, and I was reminded, again - of how well the three of us work together. However, learning this has come at a I didn't realize before.

The three of us work so excellently together - at least in the logistical stance. We are able to move efficiently and handle high stress situations better than most groups of people. We were up for over 22hrs together, and managed to calm our tempers for the most part. Glassman and I moved shit, Andrea organized. We each had meltdowns over something: Craftymama over leaving her green house, Glassman over a license plate and working the next day, and me over my shear exhaustion. But we did it, and we didn't kill each other.

However, that brought out some insecurity in Craftmama, who sees me and Glassman so comfortable with each other that sometimes she thinks that I would rather be with him than her. I can understand that fear. I used to have it with Cableman and her. It's true for the both of us, if we could go back in time and not have "life" happen than our lives would be easier with our still legal husbands. That doesn't mean I want it. Glassman and I will always be comfortable around each other, we have known each other too long to not be - but she makes me feel so incredible and so loved that I would want to be with no one but her. Glassman can make me laugh, he can make anyone laugh - but she makes me feel safe, and just wonderful - and she makes me laugh too.

I know how to feels though to see someone you love so much be so comfortable with someone else - its intimidating. I had it with FirstLove and Craftymama. It's hard. It requires so much trust and faith in the relationship and we all falter - this was just her turn I guess.

I hope I am able to restore her faith in us, just as she was able to with me.