Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fixing and Freezing

So the boys' room is being done now. I have given up control of it as I am never home to do it. So Craftymama is doing it with my input. I'm so lucky to have someone like her home. She is really into the reno's and without her we wouldn't have gotten this much done. So far she has taken out a closet, removed ceiling panels, scraped the bead board, primed and painted the ceiling, and primed and painted the walls. My job: cleanup lol, and in doing so I stepped on an old rusty nail and got it lodged 2" or so in my foot. Hello tetanus shot. It hurt.

After the boys' room we are going to be doing the bathroom. *deep breath* (for me anyways). It really needs a facelift...actually a whole body lift. We are moving all the fixtures to the right, getting a new vanity and bathtub, tiling the floor, replacing the subfloor, and painting. My boss at work is willing to help us out financially (bless him), and has recommended a guy that can help us to the installs, plumbing, and floors. So hopefully, this doesn't end up costing us an arm and a leg. I know it will though.

It's getting colder, and with our old house we definitely feel it early. We still sleep with blankets on, and sometimes the temperature requires my warm fuzzy pants. I know we will have to turn the boiler on before I normally like to, but I'm holding out as long as possible.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


M LEARNED TO RIDE HIS BIKE!!! Well mostly, he still can't figure out how to start peddling so still needs help with that.

School starts in two weeks. I am stoked. Stoked for them, and stocked for Craftymama. She made it through the summer, and I think it was memorable for her and the kids. I know it was for me.

Speaking of school...M,M,M. He still isn't fully potty trained and that's a requirement for him to start. What if he doesn't get there? We have to take him out of school this semester and hopefully start him in January. I'll feel so disappointed in myself for not being able to help him with this, even though it seems he doesn't really care either way. That's kind of been M though, he really doesn't care to help himself.

We started the boys' room this past weekend. We took down the ceiling tiles, scraped and painted the boards underneath, pick up the carpet, and demolished a closet. It was quite destructive and left us with a lot of debris. We really need to cal 1-800 got junk or something - the garage is getting full of all these materials we have ripped out. We have taken out a lot since the very first day we were here when we took off the lino on the stairs!

I'm getting more responsibility at work now, and was offered a big opportunity today. I can't say what it is, but it doesn't come without risk. However, it does come with a big payoff should all things go well. Work, lately, has been very over whelming and yet a little bit boring. I think I'm going through my 6month phase where I hate my job, or dislike it, or want to leave it every 6months or so.

Craftymama and I are doing well these days. We have both been incredibly supportive and understanding in a lot of matters and I am extremely in love with her. I've realized this week how stunning and wonderful she has been, and sometimes just can't help but stare at her. She is so amazing, and I am so lucky.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ouchies and good pain

M broke his finger :( R accidentally slammed it in a door. It was so hard not being home for that. I just wanted to hold him and snuggle him and make it all okay and better. Apparently he was screaming quite hard (no doubt) and had to go to the hospital. It is in a splint now for 10 days. My poor little babyman. But he is strong, and tough and will get lots of love.

Reno's go. Craftymama was painting trim and posts and railings today and the pictures are phenomenal. Part of me wants to be more involved with the renos but I feel so detached. I mean, we need Glassman and his tools and he does a lot of the constructiony work, and craftymama is home during the day so she gets the other stuff done. None of the projects really feel like mine. I mean, I have input, don't get me wrong, but I rarely do any of the work. I suppose I should try harder if I want to be involved, I think I am just making excuses and feeling sorry for myself for not being home during the day - like I want to be, to actually do them yk? I need to find a way to be okay, with all parts, of working during the day but I suspect there will always be some guilt.

Craftymama has the week off of sewing so is making use of it by taking the kids out anywhere she can, getting some knitting done, and doing all the things she wants to be doing. I'm elated for her. It must be hard to have to work like that and be home.

Running goes well. My pace is still slow but I'm doing it! I can run 25minutes straight now, which I am kind of proud now, and I only have like 3 runs left in the program. After that I may go back to week 5 and work on my pace a bit to make it faster. I want to get back up to running at least 5km in 30 minutes. I'm also doing workouts every other day (inbetween running), and am starting to love it. It feels good to sweat that much. Now if only my body would respond accordingly and lose some weight. Craftymama has told me about this BMR BME thing, and while it makes scientific sense it's hard to tell myself to eat *more* calories in order to lose weight - but I'm trying it out. Everything is worth trying at this point in my weight loss goals.

Bikes continue to be a hit, with the exception of M, who has boycotted his bike now - though doesn't want anyone else to ride it. I've also really enjoyed taking the kids to the lake every Saturday morning before Cableman gets there to visit the boys. THis next weekend, I'm thinking the beach to play in the ocean, find shells, and pick up crabs. It's wonderful to spend that one on one time with all of them; even if it can be trying at times.

So that's us - and that's our lives lately.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Growing Pains

Well, its mostly not painful.

We got M a pedal bike yesterday. He had been riding LittleR's run bike and had been doing so well. We intended to get him a run bike of his own but the guy at the bike store convinced us he would be ready for a pedal bike - and goodness was he right! Within like 10 minutes of having it he could go for 5 feet without someone holding on. Now, just to teach him how to get going! Im so so so so so so proud of him.

In typical sibling rivalry, R wanted his training wheels taken off (we hadn't even let M try to use them, we had them taken off before we even got home). He managed to go a good 5 feet as well, though slightly more cautiously in typical R style. I was quietly proud of him. Loud exclamations would just draw attention to it and I don't think he would like that.

R has also gone two nights in a row now without peeing his pants. So stoked for us and for him. For us because its less laundry to do, and for him because its gotta feel good to not wear a diaper at night both physically and mentally!

However...there have been a few pains.

K was less than stoked for M's new bike. She has this complex where everything should be for her, and as a result she flipped her sh*t when we brought home his bike. Like full on on the ground screaming. It didn't help that I snapped at her because I was frustrated with her for screaming and taking the moment from M, and Craftymama and I had gotten into a bit of a disagreement earlier so it was just all culminated in one frustrating moment.

R has also been painful. This stage of 6 is so hard. He is going through some growth stages, and some developmental stages which is typical for his age but it is such a challenge. In the quest to separate himself both from his parents for the first time and from the earth/spirit world he has become mean, and rude, and downright hard to deal with sometimes. He was such a quiet boy that it's hard to imagine him being like this now.I think that's part of our problem too. At least on my part. I keep expecting him to continue to be the boy he was at 3, when really he has doubled his age since then, and he is not the same kid. Expectations just make people frustrated and disappointed - and it certainly has in this case.