Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So I Traveled Back...Down That Road

Welcome back to Our Crazy House!

It has been over a year since I have posted - and my world is completely upside down, I have no idea where to start. I have picked up this blog again for a couple of reasons: a) the core reason I stopped is over and done with now (I will explain) and b) there is a challenge at my work, and my challenge is to write a blog post every day for a month. So here we are - Day 1.

First I will start with something that I usually post every Christmas.

This is a picture of our whole family on Christmas 2016. Yes, it is nearly 8 months old now. More updated pics to come - but this is seriously the only family picture I have of us.

I have 30 days of blog posts to write, so I can take this update slow.

So we still live in the same house in Nanaimo. Glassman and I share a bedroom, Craftymama has her own room, BigR and J share a room, M has his own room, and the girls: LittleR and K share a room as well. This works as well as any combination. They are all at the age where they fight, and big each other - and sometimes its impossibly hard not to pull my hair out. This phase will pass - eventually, but they currently are a lot of work.

Craftymama ran into some red tape issues with Maple Hill and had to close down the program. It took a good long time, but she was finally approved for a Group 3 Independent School, and is trying to get a full time program running in September. It's not looking too positive on that front though, it's hard to get people to commit to something that is so different, and so against pretty much everything that is ingrained in us regarding education and schooling.

Craftymama has also gotten her doula and placenta specialist certification. Check out her website: HERE . She is just getting started and has already had several placenta clients, and has births planned for the fall and winter. It's a pretty awesome endeavour - she has always been really good at the creative side, and following her heart - its the business side of things that need some work, that's where I come in.

Due to the fact that Craftymama is essentially working 2 jobs with Maple Hill and West Coast Doula - we are looking into options for the kids. Craftymama doesn't want to be a stay at home parent anymore, and both Glassman and I support that. It's a matter of what that looks like. Last fall, in an effort to support their education choices, K and LittleR actually went to public school. I think it was a good experience for them, definitely different then what they are used to, and as much as I disagree with institutionalized learning - I think some positives came out of it. We are thinking of also enrolling BigR and M in the fall so that Craftymama has time to focus on her work. Plus, sometimes I question the things they are exposed to or getting out of staying home. I am an unschooler at heart, truly, but Craftymama's heart isn't in it anymore, and that's not a bad thing. She just doesn't want to, so having her be the sole person to provide a free and enriching environment for the kids isn't fair to her, and not having the ability to experience new things, and to expand their horizons is not fair to the boys. So it's definitely on our minds of how to move forward.

Glassman is back at the family glazing place in Nanaimo - don't even get me started on that. I take many deep breaths.

I was at the funeral home, and as my last entry stated, my hours were being cut back. Eventually I was called in for a meeting and ended up being told that due to financial restrictions, they were letting me go. I was devastated. I had taken such a risk in leaving a stable, well paying job, to follow my dream - and it completely back fired. I was feeling so lost.

I spoke to my friend, who also happens to be the boss at my old job, and he had me do some temp work in the warehouse for a few weeks, and then they decided to bring my back into the office. I am now back working the same job I was before. The people I work with are still absolutely amazing - even though 3 of them are leaving within a month. They feel like family here. I know, when I am honest with myself, that spending my days leaving voice mails, and selling paint is not my dream. Running a sales team - maybe, like being the lead in customer relations, and managing a team etc. I don't know where my passions are, and I never really have. I am working on that though - as always. However, I have had a few things over the last year definitely distract me from that.

More on that later....

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